08/06/2016 by Mû

You know what?

I'm not dead... yet
Well, I reupload almost all our stages today, zoom functionality included. Oh and lot of new stages at same time. Hope you'll enjoy :)


01/01/2014 by Mû

Happy new year !

Today HDP makes you a present. A pack of 6 stages for mugen 1.1
These are old Microcosmo stages, some were released in public, some others are "new".


28/12/2013 by Mû

Saint Claus or Santa Cloth present ???

...a bit late, because I drunk too much for xmas :/


13/09/2013 by Mû

Update on hosted char

Tonos sent me long time ago an updated version of Aldebaran.
I'm so sorry I couldn't find time to upload it before. It's now available.
Links are still the same!

Oh and team page updated too ;)


31/05/2013 by Mû

Me again :)

More or less for the same reason than 2 weeks ago, except this stage is totally new this time, never shown it before.
It was really fun to work on it, I like to "play" with these crazy colors and layers.
I hope you'll have fun to play it.
See you soon with new stuffs.


17/05/2013 by Mû

New stage today!!!!

Not so new anyway, I work on it since 2 years now.
Some of you already seen it on screenshots on our forum.
I sincerely hope you'll enjoy this sober Hades stage, Acheron one. Unfortunately I can't promise the related char (Charon) before a long long time.
But I can promise some other stages in few weeks.


12/04/2013 by Mû

Another files I had to upload since a long time!

These ones concern our Italian friends who can now download sound files of Spartan and Sirius Spectre, two of our hosted chars.
Thanks to mikehaggar for the nice contribution.


08/04/2013 by Mû

Back? Back!

Well, we're alive. Seems I was a bit busy in personnal life until now, but things hopefully calm down.
I had things to upload and couldn't find time for that, I'm really sorry. Then first, other creators stuffs, then ours a bit later (not too much).
So, today (hum ... after some months on my HD), Tonos release his Aldebaran char! The strong and nice well known Taurus Gold Saint was so much work for a guy alone, that's really impressive.
As always, feel free to congratulate Tonos for his hard work here!


31/12/2011 by Mû

The 2011 news, the only one!

But not from us ^^'.
Today, SeiyaDivin and Pardo share their version of Spartan, based on some old sprites by McCready and me.
Spartan appears only in saint seiya anime, and only chars from the manga are real Sanctuary Soldiers project wips, that's why we allowed these guys to use our sprites ... we were (and still) not sure to finish the char one day.
As always, feel free to congratulate authors for their work here!


01/12/2010 by Mû

Another wip video, first teaser for a Galaxian Wars char!

Zahori's art shown today.
As you can see, an incredible graphical work has been done on that char to fit at best to anime.
And of course, I tried to make my best on code to reach our goal : satisfy everyone.
We all hope you'll appreciate this short but great video, made by HDP.
As always, feel free to come talk about that with us!


24/10/2010 by HDP

*** GALAXIAN WARS Lives! ***

Turn up the volume and open one's eyes wide.

As you may have see, some changes has been made to the Sanctuary Soldiers WebSite.
The main update can be found under the project section.
wasted a lot hours to do those Progress-lists, it was much wanted and long awaited by many of you...
Hope you find all the informations you dreamed for :)
otherwise feel free to ask us on our forum!


13/10/2010 by Mû

Hopefully, there are people that work more quikly than us... ;)

Tonos kindly decided to present one of his recent work to community.
He made all by himself and everyone knows which implication that requires. Then really big thank and congratulation to him for this Sirius Specter that we hope you'll all enjoy.
As always for more informations/feedbacks/comments etc... you're welcome on our forum.
If you need a place to upload your work too, you can contact us at mu@sanctuarysoldiers.com.

Personally : back from holidays, back to SanctuarySoldiers projects, soon big news!!!


07/07/2010 by Mû

In waiting of the next char!

Here italian sounds for Ichi and Berenice. These files have been created by mikehaggar.
Thanks to him.


27/03/2010 by Mû

Another snd file!

This time we share latin sounds of Jabu. The file has been kindly given by HADES81.
Thanks to him.


20/03/2010 by Mû

Spanish sounds!

Now available for our 5 previously released chars. These snd files have been worked by ALEXCOP82.
Thanks to him.


27/02/2010 by Mû

New char this time!

I'm a bit late, I had to release it for end of january, sorry for the people who were waiting.
Then after Nachi and Ichi, here comes a new minor bronze saint.
This char has been drawn by me (essentially).
Metaljoke did some moves like I explain in READ ME file and some others are just restyle or total redrawn of Terric and Aldebaran work on their old Jabu.
That isn't only inspiration, that's more an homage to my old friends ;)
For now, only japanese sounds are available. Latin ones will come in less than one week.
Enjoy, feedbacks etc etc etc ... you know what u have to do now. :)


24/02/2010 by Mû

Two weeks (more or less ... hum) after the previous one : a new stage!!!!

After Holts Lake, we know but never see in manga or anim, we present you Oran in Algeria, training place of Jabu, we never see neither.
Glory made a big work to create from nothing this cool training stage.
This one will be available in Galaxian Wars game too.
(Ok ok right I copied these sentences...)


13/12/2009 by Mû

Good news for our latin friends.

Snd of our previous chars (Capella - Misty - Nachi) are now available in latin. Say thanx to Zahori ;)


29/11/2009 by Mû

Another week, another release!

And this time we give a char... yes, 2 month since Nachi, and we promised ;)
Some weeks ago, I announced on the forum Ankoku Dragon for november release, but I'm a lazy ass, and this char isn't yet ready.
Then we release another finished (1st version) char, Hydra no Ichi, another minor bronze saint we see essentially against Hyoga in Galaxian Wars Tournament.
This char has been drawn by almost all SanctuarySoldiers team, but mainly by Argol for all basic moves and Glory for almost all others.
All is based on old sprites by Metaljoke and restyled by me and McCready, who designed the new head and hair.
What can I say now? Enjoy?


23/11/2009 by Mû

A little present for you!

We said "1 stage every 2 weeks", this one is the third in 3 weeks, then a bit more than announced.
A gold Saint Temple is always a good place to fight, here we give Aiolia's one, drawn by McCready some years ago.

See you next week.


15/11/2009 by Mû

Another New Stage!

And another stage we release too late...
Damn, we will have to do something to be forgiven ;)

This time, the stage we share is a completely new one, a place we never see in anime or manga, we just hear about it.
That's the place where Ichi win his hydra cloth. Glory made a big work to create from nothing this cool training stage.
This one will be available in Galaxian Wars game too.


12/11/2009 by Mû

New Stage by HDP!

This stage was supposed to be released 2 weeks ago.
It was ready, but I just get back my FTP access, then I couldn't upload or update the website, sorry for that.

Next (late) stage is comming in the next days. Sorry again.


12/10/2009 by HDP

New Stages

This is a special 2in1 release, 2 stages are included, 2 opposite view of the Coliseum.
An original creation by McCready from past years, should be included in our future full-game.
Stages dimensions are 810x465, BGMs are included.

Have fun! (and feedback)


04/10/2009 by Mû

First hosted creation !!!!!

Here you can find Belanger de la Chevelure (Coma Berenice), warrior of Abel, from third Saint Seiya movie.
The char has been entirely drawn by Asmodeus and programmed by LordKrauser.
Really really big thx to them for contribution, and congratulation for their really good work.
For now, only french version of the char is available.
I didn't changed anything on it, then I can't be sure of compatibility for all mugen versions. Then if you have a problem please report in on the forum.

Enjoy as much as we do ;) !!!


28/09/2009 by Mû

Little correction

Giudecca stage re-upload, the def file had a problem, sorry for that.


28/09/2009 by HDP

Rebuild of Stages

Hi there !
Glad to post some news again. As Mű said in the previous news, we kind of manage to release a lot of stuff during the next weeks. So concerning the stages, I can say we expect to release a least the whole catalog of the previous creations, including all from our different teammates and partners, and many originals never seen before.
For the first spit, you will find three categories of stuff:

    - The re-release ones: The two silver beaches, Cliffs and Aries Temple.
      Those are remastered version of the previous downloads, correct a few glitches and bugs,
      some enhancements too…

    - The hosted, the legacy’s : Andromeda Island, the original by Microcosmo, with fresh and
      clean SFF and DEF, and a little layout arrangement.
      Fenril Falls, originally by our teammates for a time, The Asgard Project Team, as Andromeda
      Island with some enhancements.
      Hagen’s Cave: For the collectors, an old stage of mine, originaly hosted on the French Saint
      Seiya Game Archive website. A remixed version, but an old crap anyway !

    - And finally, the REALY new stage: Giudecca Throne, that I started to build last year,
      hope you like it.

Hope that’s only a beginning.
But one last thing for tonight , La cerise sur le gâteau we could say, all those stages and the following are using the standards of the new Mugen Engine v1.0 RC1 (any feedback would be appreciated ;) )

So my last words wil be Burn your cosmo and enjoy your game!


27/09/2009 by Mû

Back in business!!!! Sanctuary Soldiers 1.0

Damn, 1 year nobody fucked us !!
Then we have to take our promise, releasing something. And you can't imagine how we are happy to do that. We don't ask more : a community where people don't steal our work, the ones who wanted to use our work and asked got almost always positive answers.
Sincerely if things continue like that we can promise at least 1 stage every 2 weeks and 1 char every 2 month. No need to wait complete games for us now people respect a bit our work and the thousands of hours we spend for them.
Thank you all.

Then today is the first day of releasing and we hope it won't be the last, all depends of hispanic community, they try to fuck us again, we stop again :) so simple, a kid can understand that, a guy of this community surely too, we hope.
Today we give our oldest unreleased char, Nachi, the bronze saint entirely done by me and McCready some years ago. Hum wait, not entirely because MetalJoke did some sprites too and HDP helped a lot with the additionnal sounds.
We seen on the internet a funny thing, a guy took all our sprites and code and shown videos saying it was his work... no it's not fun, I know, but the fact all his friends trust him is fun, they fully trust a liar, strange but some mugen communities are like that : they don't care of the truth, sad but true.

So, for people who likes our work, and want to see more, please never give any credits or download the stolen "creations" of people who doesn'thave any mugen abilities excepted changing a name in def file of a char. They want to destroy all quality and Saint Seiya mugen community has a bad reputation because of them. Please help us to change that.
You can find our new chars and stages in download section, enjoy.
Oh I didnt released chars since a long time, if you have suggestions, or if you find bugs please report on our forum or here : mu@sanctuarysoldiers.com

Thank you all.


26/09/2009 by Mû

Rebuilt of the website!!!!

...almost done.


24/09/2009 by Mû

Just wait some days...

... before a little surprise.
in waiting, I uploaded Italian sounds of Misty and Capella. These snd files has been created by MugenPixart team.